Meet the Team

Thomas C. Hassel II

(732) 295-6619 x 240

Our customers expect the highest safety standards and performance from our team to maintain our long-standing relationship as their top carrier. Taking pride in safety, integrity, reliability, quality and service provides our foundation to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and expand our services. From our humble beginnings in 1935 to creating terminals in the Northeast and Texas regions, we are dedicated to growing steadily while always keeping our family business outlook.

Operations / Customer Service / Account Managers

Tommy Hassel

VP Operations
ext 260

Dan Sinnott

Operations Manager
ext 232

Jennifer Kaplan

Acct Manager
ext 238

Scott Velke

Acct Manager
ext 229

Tom Kelly

Acct Manager
ext 235

Carl Kaplan

Customer Service / Terminal Manager
ext 225

Dee Bullock

Dispatcher / Terminal Manager
ext 271

Jen Barone

Dispatcher/Terminal Manager
ext 282

Jim Webster

Account Manager
ext 246

Human Resources / Marketing

Morgan Boylan

Human Resources/Marketing
ext 255


Tom Hassel

Lou Gerace

VP of Sales
ext 234

Safety and Compliance

Dan Johnson

VP Operations
ext 250

Norman Smith

Safety Director
ext 242

Tom Cangialosi

Safety Manager
ext 241


Dan Johnson

VP Operations
ext 250

Bob Ingman

Fleet Maintenance Manager
ext 236

Frank Werner

Asst. Maintenance Manager
ext 226


Dan Johnson

VP Operations
ext 250


Mary Ellen Macquaide

Accounting Manager
ext 227

Kelsey Sessa

Accounting Assistant
ext 233

Tracy Newman

Administrative Support
ext 224

Jen Feldhan

Administrative Support